Incorporated Minds (demo)

from by Agency

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Mind control, covered up research
Angleton's suspicions on the reins
Give in to the Buzz and tell me all you know
The key to unlock your brain

Unknowing subjection, you knew what you were doin
Signing up to serve the man
Synthetic obsession, the red's are way ahead
The agency is in command

Screaming for more
Rotten to the core
Man's gone insane
It's all inside your brain

Brain Torture, harrasment of the mind
I hope you didn't think you were spared
Hypnosis, deception, it's all a fucking mess
It's spiraled out of control

Clandestine, secret, highest level clearance
Worth a couple of lives for the cause
Wake up when it hits you, never felt better
Ready to divulge the truth


Tearing, asylum, a mist of forced silence
It's secret, your treatment, a deadly cause
Incorporated minds

Grey matter, intrusion, touching where it hurts
A negative impression on yourself
It's the kind of thing that doesn't happen (total fucking brain mapping)
Cerebration theft celebration

You never, suspected, a threat from within
It's the acid trickle-down effect
It's low, it's vain, dishonour is the key
You're never gonna walk free



from Incorporated Minds (demo), released March 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Agency Umeå, Sweden

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